Welcome to Communication and Networking Laboratory

The Communications and Networking Laboratory (ComNeT) was established in 2010 within the Department of Electrical Engineering in University of Ulsan. In the Laboratory undergraduate and graduate students are mentored to scale up their practical and professional knowledge, alongside building strong connections between academia and industry. The laboratory is supervised by Prof. Kwon Sungoh.

In ComNeT students are working on Mobile communication, Sensor networks, and Bio-signal processing.

We co-work with Hundai, ETRI, and Sinkpuls for new inventions.

ComNet Projects

1. Wireless Network Optimization for 5G and Beyond

  • Boosting edge throughput with multi-connectivity/CoMP
  • Integrating 5G terresterial & satellite communication
Picture of 5G mobile network system

2. Smart Factory

  • Diagnosis and Fault Prediction
Picture of factory sensors

  • Indoor Positioning
Picture of factory sensors